Baobab Corporate Governance

Baobab Corporate Governance offers professional legal solutions in the specialised field of Corporate Governance to support executives and boards to empower them to fully comply with their legal mandate as executives and board members, as demanded by the law.

Corporate Governance involves the confluence of legal compliance, organizational governance and risk management. This is the intersection of the law, leadership, management, strategy, finance, economics, and politics.

At Baobab Corporate Governance we embrace our role as a responsible Corporate Citizen, and we empower our clients to move beyond the ‘myth’ of shareholder primacy and to become significantly more driven by the collective interests of all the stakeholders. We facilitate the translation from the theory of ‘good governance’ into the actual practice of ‘proper governance’ for our clients. Our community of practice and professional ecosystem ensures that our clients always have access to the best inter-disciplinary professional team.

Baobab Corporate Governance, with the technical support of The Global Platform for Intellectual Property (TGPIP), provides the digital platform that is the most proficient and cost effective facilitator of ‘proper governance’ (and related disciplines), in its implementation, management, and reporting.

We are cognisant of a continually changing digital environment. Organisations not including digital transformation into their strategy are destined to fail.

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October 15, 2019


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